Web Design that Sizzles

For more than 80 years the SPAM® brand has been bringing the sizzle to kitchens across America. Today, the SPAM® brand is a powerhouse, with more than a dozen varieties that are sold in 41 countries on six continents. Our favorite is Bacon flavored. Think it’s weird? Don’t knock it ‘till you’ve fried it 🙂

Few brands “own’ their search category, but the SPAM® brand is one of them. It’s a fun brand, and the team wanted to redesign the website to better integrate their style, voice, and tone as well add product reviews, and integrate a “where to buy” feature.

As part of the website redesign, we worked with their digital team to redesign all of the product and recipe pages as well as add lots of fun content like a listing of restaurants that feature menu items made with SPAM. In addition to improving the site visuals, we also improved technical components, such as adding structured data, that would help the site work well with kitchen smart speakers.

SPAM logo

Our Process

Communication Goals

We’ll analyze your audience and map out communication goals for the site. This includes researching how people search for content like yours.

Strategy & Architecture

Every web page should answer a question. To help the site score well in SEO we’ll plan and organize the content based on user searches.

Compelling Content

Our copywriting team will write compelling copy that focuses on the benefits of your product while incorporating keywords.

Award-Winning Web Design

Our team of experts incorporates best practices for UI/UX, User Journey, as well as ADA compliance. We’ll create illustrations, images, icons, animations, and infographics that help tell your story.

Expert Web Development

Our Development team uses a responsive, mobile-first approach. In most cases, we develop on Word Press and host on Google Cloud.

QA, Testing, and Launch

In this final phase, we test using tools that emulate different browsers and operating systems to ensure they look amazing on any device.

Other Services

Zooka provides a complete set of integrated services to help brands drive awareness and sales. We combine strategy and creativity in a data-driven approach that generates amazing results.