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The subtle art of selling your stuff online.


Zooka can strategize, write, design, and optimize your product detail page (PDP) content, whether you’re hosting on an ecommerce platform like Amazon and Walmart, or your own retail website. Our optimization efforts include product images, page titles, product bullets, and long-form descriptions, designed to meet the requirements of the platform you’re selling on.

Online sales through retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy, are increasingly important sources of revenue. But eCommerce is so much more than making products available for sale online. A good ecommerce marketing strategy requires a strategic process that will help you get found and close the sale.


Titles, Bullets, and Descriptions
Titles, Bullets, and Descriptions

This is how you get found and is the most foundational step to an eCommerce strategy. Search engines use this text to score the quality of your content and decide where you rank among search results.

We conduct search engine optimization (SEO) research and implement specific keywords throughout your content to ensure you get found on Google and retail search engines like Amazon A9.

Cambridge eComm Tiles
Cambridge eComm Tiles

Product images are the #1 source to drive purchase intent. We design ecommerce images that meet GS1 and University of Cambridge image guidelines.

Studies from the University of Cambridge have shown optimized ecommerce images have a significant impact on shopper’s buying decision—as much as a 29% increase in sales, and 20% faster speed to cart.


Reviews can make or break a sale. A study on the effects of online reviews showed that 93% of consumers say online reviews will affect their decision to purchase.

Where to Buy
Where to Buy

It is crucial that this feature works properly and provides customers a few options to buy your product from.

Product Varieties and Like-Products
Product Varieties and Like-Products

Aid product discovery by letting customers know about all the products you offer.

A Destination to Navigate to Next
A Destination to Navigate to Next

Provide a good shopping experience by linking your customers to other recommended products.

Rich Manufacturer Content
Rich Manufacturer Content (For 3rd Party Platforms)

Capture your customer’s attention, relay relevant information, describe benefits instead of focusing on features, and express your brand personality.

Online Storefronts
Online Storefronts (For 3rd Party Platforms)

An online destination where consumers can explore more of your brand and products (especially important for Amazon).

Our Process

Understand Your Product & Audience

Discovery of your product and target audience to be able to promote your product in a way that appeals to shoppers.

Learn from Your Competitors

Analyze why someone would choose another brand over yours and what you can do to improve.

Keyword Research

Getting found starts with identifying common industry terms and how people are searching for your product.

Develop Optimized Content

Offer value and make your products appealing so shoppers are persuaded to buy from you over the competition.

Appeal with Design

Tell a story through imagery, color, and brand personality that will help shoppers envision themselves with your product.


Getting Found

Getting found starts with creating content that is attractive to Google and retail search engines so your target audience can find you.

Closing the Sale

The key to closing the sale is to present content that clearly communicates why your product is better.


Google searches and Amazon searches are not the same. Consumers use these 2 services for different purposes:

Consumers come to Google to do research. They’re seeking an answer to a question or a solution to their problem:

When consumers know what they’re looking for, they start their search on an e-commerce site like Amazon to find what they need:

To provide the best answers, we work to understand how all your audience(s) talk about products like yours, not just one particular target market. For example, do consumers refer to it as an “office chair”, a “desk chair”, or a “work from home chair”?

Google searches can start off as brand agnostic and less sophisticated in their current knowledge and then grow that sophistication through continued searches, entering more detailed, long-tail keywords as they arrive at the info they seek and eventually turn brand agnostic:

In Order To “Get Found” You Must

Understand how consumer search and their shopping behaviors

Pull sophisticated shoppers seeking detailed product information by making it easy for them to find what they are looking for

Reduce the effort of customers having to search for your item and potential click-fatigue


A strategy that effectively wins the customer and closes the sale meets the following ecommerce best practices:

 • Targets messaging and helps engage users

• Helps consumers comparison shop

• Reinforces your brand equity and showcases personality

• Makes it easy for shoppers to find what they are looking for


Structured data is non-visible, back-end JSON code that helps search engines more easily read, understand, and serve your content in search engine results pages (SERPs).

This allows companies to create rich snippets in the SERP, showing more information like reviews, links to specific pages, and product images in the search results, helping with intangible SEO by owning more real estate in the SERP.

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