Inspiring Kids to Learn

Cubit uses robotics to inspire kids to learn. They combine plug-n-play hardware components along with visual software tools enabling kids to quickly create purpose-built robots. No coding or soldering is required. The platform enables teachers to create fun and engaging projects that nurture student minds

Cubit needed a fun and engaging video to explain its platform and its technology. For this project, we hired age-appropriate actors and rented a classroom at a nearby school.  We combined cool line art animation with live video to create a unique and ownable video style for Cubit

The project included:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Casting/actor selection
  • Location scouting and set selection
  • Voice over recording
  • Music Selection and licensing
  • Animation

Note: this video utilized child actors and special attention were placed on ensuring the safety of actors as well as compliance with laws governing the employment of minors including having a DLSE California State Certified Studio Teacher on set and obtaining the appropriate work permits.

Our Process

Communication Goal

Good video production starts with defining, in plain terms, what you want the viewer to learn and or to do.


Armed with the communication goals, our writing team will create a script that tells the story with a clear build of ideas. This script helps determine run-time and cost.


After the script is approved, we’ll create a detailed storyboard that clearly defines the visuals that will appear on the screen. For Live shoots, this includes a detailed shot list.


After the storyboard is approved we’ll shoot live-action scenes or create the art assets used in an animated video. We’ll combine a voice-over and music as needed.


Lastly, we’ll work with you to publish the video on the targeted platforms. In most cases, we recommended including closed captions.

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Other Services

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