The Town Kitchen handcrafts & delivers delicious catered meals to businesses and events by helping foster & re-entry individuals explore their untapped potential.


They believe that communities grow together, so they provide these individuals the experience, exposure, & access to new opportunities to help grow themselves & their communities.

Nourish your team.
Grow your community.


The Approach

Zooka led positioning workshops to collaborate with key stakeholders to define the company’s brand pillars, promise, and personality.


After sessions of brainstorming, we captured the essence of The Town Kitchen’s brand. We developed customer and employee surveys which validated why they choose The Town Kitchen over competitors, and which mission statement resonates the most.

The Logo

A colorful cityscape sprouts from a cooking skillet, representing the growth of a stronger community through food. The vibrant colors are fresh and optimistic to inspire hope.

The Outcome

The team was grateful and overjoyed with the final branding. They’ve carried it out through all their marketing efforts and now they have a cohesive, inspiring look which was well deserved.

Before & After

Zooka's team did an amazing job with our rebrand. They laid out the methodology and hand held our new team through the process. Ultimately our employees and customers loved our new identity.

Eric QuickPresident & CEO of The Town Kitchen
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