Juicing up Sales

Musselman’s is a century-old family-owned cooperative made up of more than 100 families and 15,000 acres of fruit orchards.  Their strong traditions, family farmed-owned philosophy,  and commitment to high quality set them apart in the market.

 Made of 100% hand-picked, American-grown apples, Musselmans’ has a wide variety of products available including juice, sauce, bars, butter, and pie filling.  

Since their products don’t require refrigeration until after opening, their family of products is ideally suited for online sale and delivery.  Online retail stores also mean an extra competitive environment open to brands that don’t normally appear on supermarket shelves.

The Musselman’s brand team realized that they needed eCommerce improved eCommerce images that would help drive sales and communicate their brand. 

Using our vast experience in this topic we created new eCommerce tiles for many of their products

Musselman's logo

Our Process

Compelling Content

We capture your brand voice but use concise language to quickly communicate your message.

User-Friendly Info

Uniform eCommerce tiles across brand products make it easy for consumers to find the information they are looking for.

Award-Winning Design

Our team of talented designers will create compelling on-brand imagery to support your sales goals.

Sample ecommerce page for Musselman's apple sauce
Main ecommerce image for Musselman's apple sauce product
Ecommerce image with text Handpicked from our family farms since 1907
Ecommerce image with product ingredients
Ecommerce image with caption handpicked from our family farms since 1907
Ecommerce image with product claims
Ecommerce image with all Musselman's family of products
Ecommerce image with caption an individual cup counts as one fruit intake
Ecommerce image with product review from a verified user

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