Scratch Made Meals to Feel Good About

An Omaha-based restaurant came to us with a project for an exciting new concept—a scratch kitchen with three different restaurant styles: American fare, Asian Fusion, and Latin American cuisine.

The owner wanted to develop a brand for its overarching restaurant, but it was important that every restaurant style maintained their own brand identity. Think of it as a food court with three different restaurants, where we were developing a brand for the food court. This “food court,” or micro food hall if we want to get technical, merged 2 existing restaurants and developed a third restaurant which Zooka helped name and brand (read more on that story below).

The challenge was finding a balance between developing a strong brand identity for the restaurant, while simultaneously maintaining brands for each entity that were strong enough to stand on their own. We leaned into their strengths as a whole and developed Fresh N’ Delicious—a brand that focused on fresh food, scratch cooking, and locally sourced products.

Our project included:

  • Conducting a series of branding workshops to develop the Zooka 3Ps™: Pillars, Personality, and Promise. The 3Ps:
    • Focus on the HOW and WHY brands do what they do
    • Serve as a framework to guide all decision making from that point forward
  • Developing a visual identity including a logo, typography, and color palette
  • Building a brand style guide to provide current and future employees with direction on how to maintain a strong brand identity through every touch point and activation.

The Zooka 3Ps™ Branding Process

Through a series of workshops and exercises, we work with stakeholders to explore your Pillars, Personality, and Promise.

Audience Analysis

We start with a workshop where we understand the needs and desires of your customer

Competitor Analysis

It is important to understand how your competitors position themselves – this ensures you can be unique and different

Pillars, Personality, & Promise (3Ps™)

The Core of our Methodology involves defining the brand values (pillars) and personality of your brand. This is more than that what and how of your company but WHY people should join your tribe. This culminates in a brand promise


Armed with a shared understanding of the 3Ps, we can proceed with the design

The Logo

Fresh N’ Delicious wanted to lean into the idea that convenient food doesn’t have to be low quality or unhealthy. You can offer convenience, while offering high quality, refined, scratch cooked meals. The fork in the middle of the logo represents simple, quality, fresh food, while the sleek typeface embodies the brand’s style that is simple, approachable, and modern.  

Other Services

Zooka provides a complete set of integrated services to help brands drive awareness and sales. We combine strategy and creativity in a data-driven approach that generates amazing results.