Community Branding

The Station District is a planned community in Union City California that combines 1,700 housing units and 1.2 million square speed of office space next to a new BART station. Union City leadership envisions the Station District as a world-class, transit-oriented community with new retail, public amenities, high-density housing, and a job center all linked by bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

The leadership of Union City was so pleased with the work we did on developing a new brand for Union City, that they asked for our help creating a brand identity for this 471 development

We worked with the city’s business development group as well as key business leaders. Given the number of people involved, we used a combination of meetings, workshops, and online surveys to execute our 3Ps methodology.

Using our methodology, we worked to define the brand pillars, brand personality, and brand promise that would represent this new community.

Station District logo

The Zooka 3Ps™ Branding Process

Through a series of workshops and exercises, we work with stakeholders to explore your Pillars, Personality, and Promise.

Audience Analysis

We start with a workshop where we understand the needs and desires of your customer

Competitor Analysis

It is important to understand how your competitors position themselves – this ensures you can be unique and different

Pillars, Personality, & Promise (3Ps™)

The Core of our Methodology involves defining the brand values (pillars) and personality of your brand. This is more than that what and how of your company but WHY people should join your tribe. This culminates in a brand promise


Armed with a shared understanding of the 3Ps, we can proceed with the design

Station District logo

The Logo

The new logo represents the Station District’s role as an intermodal transit hub. The over colors represent the business and residential communities. The multiple overlapping loops underscore the focus on the range of transportation methods available. The colors and style were also purposefully selected to family with the new logo of Union City.

Other Services

Zooka provides a complete set of integrated services to help brands drive awareness and sales. We combine strategy and creativity in a data-driven approach that generates amazing results.