Search Engine Optimization

Using keywords, content, and link building to organically rank in Search Engine Results Pages.

How do customers organically find your business online?


Not everyone knows how to make their business visible in the search engine results pages, or SERPs.

  • Our approach is to view every search as a question.
  • Our job is to make you the right answer.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


SEO is a foundational, bottom-up strategy to position your website as the answer to a search question. However, an effective strategy isn’t about simply generating a large amount of traffic; it’s about generating a large amount of targeted traffic, and this starts with extremely in-depth keyword research.

Successful SEO is accomplished through a combination of services, and we do them all.

Keyword research

Website structure

Link building

Meta data

Content marketing

What keywords do you use?

Do you guess?

At Zooka, we don’t guess. We GULP.

That’s because guesses or mistakes can isolate large segments of potential customers from finding your business.


GULP is our acronym for Google User Language Preference.

We use Google’s powerful webmaster tools to identify and understand the words that people actually type into Google when searching. Sometimes, this is different than what you think.

Speak their language


If your company provides a product that your customers can add their name or logo to, you need to determine how your customers talk about it.

Would the customer call this a cup or a mug? Do they think to personalize or customize it?

The answer has a huge impact on how people find you. Guesses risk missed opportunities and isolate large segments of potential customers from finding your business.

Custom Cup wins by thousands of searches.

Now that you’ve determined how people speak and search on Google, that vocabulary should become the bottoms up foundation for your SEO, website structure and content.

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