The City of Union City, CA



What We Did
  • Branding
  • Positioning
  • Copywriting
  • Video
  • Print
  • Signage
  • Social
Awards & Mentions
  • 2018 | Platinum AVA Digital Award, Video
  • 2016 | Gold MarCom Award, Branding

Where innovation grows.


Differentiate Union City in a crowded Silicon Valley marketplace to attract the new types of businesses they want to relocate there.


Conduct identity workshops with key community leaders to create a new brand identity and logo for Union City, designing a style guide that covers most regular collateral formats for marketing and communication efforts, such as an activity guide, business cards, billboards, and pamphlets.


Zooka created a fresh logo and brand identity system to help Union City stand out from the crowd of Bay Area communities.

Bringing the brand to life.

The new logo represents Union City’s growing opportunity ‬for innovation‭, ‬as well as its diverse culture‭, ‬by utilizing a dynamic facet approach‭. ‬Woven bands of bold color overlap one another to create a unified‭ ‬“U”‭ ‬shape while the negative space shows the connectivity of the City’s‭ key pillars‭: ‬innovation‭, ‬unity‭, ‬small town feel‭, ‬open space‭,‬ ‬and accessibility to the Silicon Valley‭.‬






Small Town


Ideal Location


Open Space

The color choices are inspired by the five pillars that make Union City unique. From the deep, united blue and locational teal, to the innovative purple and the growing green, these colors are representative of the diverse culture found within the city and are accessible to all.

During our branding experience with Zooka, we could tell right away that the company is off the charts creative, but what really impressed me was the well-thought-out strategic approach to developing a brand and transforming it into marketing campaigns and programs. Very well thought out.

Tony AcostaCity Manager

We won a major award!

The team took home a Gold MarCom award for Branding, rewarding the amazing work of our talented creators and designers.

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