Game Company Branding

Rocket is a family entertainment company focused on game development for VR platforms. They see VR as an enabling technology that provides for a completely new form of expression. While there are many companies developing “Shoot ‘em up” games, the Rocket team is focused on family-friendly interactive entertainment for young audiences.

Their game titles include:

  • First-ever animated VR comedy series that chronicles the adventures of two 11-year kids
  • A family-friendly game where kids can explore, utilize new gadgets and tools, and discover fun surprises on their quest

While the first game was being developed, founder and CEO Doug Kryan knew he had to create a brand that would resonate with his target audience and reinforce his company’s vision and values.

We worked with Doug and other members of senior leadership to understand the family ideals, personality, and core values of the company. Using our Zooka 3Ps methodology, we worked with the team to define the company’s brand pillars, personality, and brand promise.

We then used the results of the 3Ps workshop both to guide the creation of the logo and to help the client team use objective criteria to provide feedback and ultimately select how their brand should be visually represented.

Rocket logo

The Zooka 3Ps™ Branding Process

Through a series of workshops and exercises, we work with stakeholders to explore your Pillars, Personality, and Promise.

Audience Analysis

We start with a workshop where we understand the needs and desires of your customer

Competitor Analysis

It is important to understand how your competitors position themselves – this ensures you can be unique and different

Pillars, Personality, & Promise (3Ps™)

The Core of our Methodology involves defining the brand values (pillars) and personality of your brand. This is more than that what and how of your company but WHY people should join your tribe. This culminates in a brand promise


Armed with a shared understanding of the 3Ps, we can proceed with the design

Rocket logo

The Logo

The company, at its core is playful and we knew the logo needed to reflect that. The company’s logo incorporates bursts of energy that radiate out to convey the dimensional aspect of VR. The stems (vertical lines) from most letters were removed – however, your brain fills in the gap just like your brain fills in to create realistic 3D experiences.

Client Testimonial

“Zooka Creative combined world-class design and marketing expertise to create a brand identity that uniquely differentiated our company. Their business acumen and insights enabled us to develop a compelling value proposition and messaging that propelled us to a #1 leadership position for our family entertainment product line. Zooka’s collaborative approach and commitment as a strategic partner enabled us to accelerate business innovation across our entire organization. I strongly recommend them.”

Doug Kryzan | Founder and CEO

Other Services

Zooka provides a complete set of integrated services to help brands drive awareness and sales. We combine strategy and creativity in a data-driven approach that generates amazing results.