Your car. Your smartphone. Your wrist. Your heart. Even outer space. All around you, Qorvo products are at work, connecting and protecting the world. They bring core technologies and radio frequency (RF) solutions to mobile, infrastructure, defense/aerospace and Internet of Things markets.

Edutainment For The Masses


The Approach

Qorvo wanted to break the mold of how they tell their story. Since their formation, their messaging has been directed toward B2B buyers and not to the end-user of their technology. After all, the main concentration of the company is geared toward the development of RF technologies.

Now that their microchips have become a mainstay in modern day life, it was only fitting that they develop a style and a voice to speak to masses. That’s where we come in!

IoT Video


Developing a style

The first task was to brainstorm a style that would be humorous, attention-grabbing, and entertaining while also providing easily-consumable education. Two key components were the writing and the voiceover talent. These two aspects needed to merge seamlessly in order to pull off this series of humorous videos.


“Internet of Things” if you were wondering what that means. Meaning all the devices that surround you in your day-to-day life from the WiFi thermostats to Alexa to your Bluetooth speakers.

All these objects have one thing in common they all connect to the internet. And yes Qorvo makes a similar RF chip that is almost all of these devices.


5G is the fifth generation cellular network technology. At the time 5G was still being developed but would be a huge innovation in terms of data transfer rates. With infrastructures requiring this advancement and just about everything talking to everything Qorvo played a key part in the development and deployment of 5G.

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